Does anyone fancy a free ticket to see My Life Story do Mornington Crescent at Koko tonight? I've already got one freebie so there's one going spare if you're free and fancy it. You totally don't have to stand anywhere near me either if you don't want to.

I'm meeting up with the ticket bearers in the Camden Kitchen should be there from 6.30-7.00pm if you do want to come. Hopefully anyone who's ineterested has my phone number but I constantly check email anyway!
I am, mildly hungover after a night in Shunt drinking Alll the red wine, and failing to go to talks on particles or get in the wee boat but still having an ace time. I of course got home and felt instantly emo because apparently I am a Tim Buckley album.

Also, I had a dream that I was drunk...I know, and woke up hugging a cushion telling it "you're ace..y'know". Wow my imagination really isn't working very hard these days.

So to cheer me through the day, please feel free to anon-comment. It is Friday...
Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well you can pick!

”Bad )

“Good )

”which )

*I know a couth person does not start a sentence this way, but since when have I ever been couth!

I forgot to disallow comments before, and I replied because I'd let people comment, but actually I just want this out there and not to talk about this for a while. Thanks.
It is Friday, I have lots of annoying cross checking and timetabling to do, I would welcome periodic diversions, feel free to make anonymous comments, do play nice!
Right, I need to stop procrastinating and learn how to do this job, but I would like something to read when I log back in, and people are quiet at the moment so please feel free to play nice and anonyment.
Go to, be nice.
A while ago I linked [ profile] cereta's post on rape which I found really interesting and useful for getting my head round some things and vastly infuriating on other levels. Someone else linked to this
publically available article. I know some people don't think this is an important topic, but I do. Its not preaching, its not condemnatory but it doesn't pull its punches, and yes its long. Read it, or don't, but it says a lot of things I'd like to say, only better, and without me needing to tortuously think my way around the phrasing.
If so where do I go to claim my prize?

I have been thrilled, nay delighted even, by the response to my precocious drafts(wo)manship exhibited in this beautiful rendering of a pleasing moment in my crusade against letchery, consequently I feel that I should probably share this with a wider audience*. I present to you the meisterwork which is I'm listening to my ipod...W4nker.

My work here is done.

Also, prompted by last nights reminder I have been listening to My Life Story radio on lastfm as I can't download anything at werk, and Gay Dad popped up, and on the image was [ profile] charlston! Blimey, I so don't know the people I thought I would now. The internet and London=alarming teen/me now clashes.


Dec. 29th, 2008 02:47 pm
My mum bought me Persepolis for Christmas after I pointed her in the direction of my wish-list, since she likes to buy actual stuff in real shops she headed to the book retailer of her choice, being my mother she asked for direction to the section in which it would reside, the section she thought was for pr0n, after all what else could a graphic novel be...

Skin Coloured is intended to be a collaborative, visual exploration of what it is to be non-white in a white culture. Make-up, plasters and tights - even when they’re marked “flesh-coloured” - are not the colour of skin that isn’t white. And whilst white women may have trouble matching these items to their skin, for women who don’t class themselves as white, this inconvenience is symptomatic of a wider problem.

To help illustrate this problem, therefore, Skin Coloured is looking for submissions. Send us photographs that illustrate the inadequacy of provisions for non-white people, and we’ll post them on the blog, and hopefully both those submitting, and those who’re here to learn, will gain something from it.

Further information can be found here. Please help us by reposting this.

This morning on the way to work I found 2 bits of dowel in my pock, which prompts me to ask:

[Poll #1220412]
I am obsessed with old photos, me when I was little and my parents families, possibly because as a family we're pretty spread out and many of my relatives died before I was born so I can make up stories and imagine who they were travelling back through time looking at these images.

A year or so ago the family photos from my grandmother's estate came to us and I always flip through it when I'm home, I'd actually like to scan the photos and have books made up as presents for the family so everyone can have a little piece of these fragile images.

These are all photos of photos but you may find them interesting, I'm going to update flickr with some of the stories about them, especially the blitz ones as I have some cuttings about that fire at home.

There are even some terrible ones of me for some levity.

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Apologies should got to the H1 since this isn't the most flattering of photos, but yes this is what I got up to last night. It was most excellent and I'm so glad that I went along, I'm feeling much perkier and at ease with the world. I may not have found my purpose but this is just for now. Oh and I have songs buzzing through my head, so much so that I'm tempted to try and get one of those tickets for a tenner on a regular basis to ensure future happiness. This may be a bad idea.

Originally uploaded by siss
Click through for the rest - LJ didnae like my linking....
good thing - nice bloke checking I was where I meant to be when I woke up

bad thing - seeing puke when I looked on the floor (I should add it wasn't mine)

good thing - my bed is just over there with some toast ona little plate waiting for me to eat it before I sleep the sleep of the truly just/drunk
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