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Also, anonymenting if you fancy it?
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I ask because Oh L'Ammour came on while I was on the bus this morning and I felt a little teary, from the swoony vocals, even as I remembered pelting through Leeds to the station everyone closing their eyes, hands on hearts and just sincerely belting it out. Bestill my dated romantic heart!
Now my reasoning for the dates is a sort of compound of practicality and stupidity, I picked a Sunday because I live far and I reason people will travel to be fed on a Sunday, I moved into my place on 23 March 2007 so its the closest practical date given I shall be Black Plasticking it on the Friday and shouting myself hoarse at Rollerderby on the Saturday, also potential additional non-London guests will be in town that day so, go to.

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Sorry non-London folk, I forgot to make that an option, but obviously I do not expect travel from far and wide for lunch in mine abode.

Also I totally haven't cleared it with my flatmate but I reason its best not to clear imaginary parties* with him!

Obviously final guestlist is subject to change, and won't include some of the lurkers/spammers because I do not know em!

*By imaginary parties in this case I actually mean an imaginary low-key recovery session.
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Also, I like this! Do you like hipsters, do you like misery? Then go on. Right I need to get back to organisation.

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This morning on the way to work I found 2 bits of dowel in my pock, which prompts me to ask:

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Rather than go with the year poll since my memory for which year any given event happened in is rubbish [livejournal.com profile] glitzfrau suggested I write something about the cities I've lived in, which actually not that many cities all considered since I've lived in each for 4 years on average. There are the cities I've dreamed of living in, and maybe I will. In the meantime fill out the poll and let me know your preferences. I probably willdo all of them at some point but maybe in bits.

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