I can't seem to scramble my brain into shape to say anything intelligent about the current political landscape, and I'm not about to post a video of me doing my flabbergasted goldfish impression, so does anyone fancy lightening this turgid grey Friday with some anon comments? Go wild, go crazy, just don't be cruel. I'm off to wrangle html for a bit. Funtimes.
I'm going into work fugue in a bit, because there is a lot of stuff I need to get done before boss returns from annual leave which I just haven't applied the requisite concerted effort + time = shiny brilliance equation to. I'm going to have to not internet, but would love to have something to look at in the 5 minute concentration breaks I'm allowing myself.

So, does anyone fancy doing anono complements? Feel like saying something nice about your friends, or someone whose work you admire without feeling ashamed at being so nice? Or y'know just talk about your Friday afternoon summer musings....
It's a little early, but if anyone's up for some Friday anonymity, go to it. Try to keep it nice, but tell me a secret, your latest crush, what you had for breakfast, the song that made your heart skip, g'wan you know you want to.

I am ready to embrace this weekend, which might influence me starting this, early.



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