I know it's not Friday, but is anyone in the mood for anon comments?
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Also, anonymenting if you fancy it?
Anyone up for anon comments Friday?
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I ask because Oh L'Ammour came on while I was on the bus this morning and I felt a little teary, from the swoony vocals, even as I remembered pelting through Leeds to the station everyone closing their eyes, hands on hearts and just sincerely belting it out. Bestill my dated romantic heart!
I can't seem to scramble my brain into shape to say anything intelligent about the current political landscape, and I'm not about to post a video of me doing my flabbergasted goldfish impression, so does anyone fancy lightening this turgid grey Friday with some anon comments? Go wild, go crazy, just don't be cruel. I'm off to wrangle html for a bit. Funtimes.
Today is my Friday, which means I am busy, but also up for anono comments distrasction when I come up for air in an hour or so. Ask a question, confess a thing, tell me a secret thing, describe your view or a good thing you saw, or anything basically. The only rule is don't be cruel.
This journal is friends only because I like to know who can/can't - in theory - see what I write.

If you've added me I won't add you unless I know who you are so comment and let me know! This rule doesn't apply if I added you first.
I'm going into work fugue in a bit, because there is a lot of stuff I need to get done before boss returns from annual leave which I just haven't applied the requisite concerted effort + time = shiny brilliance equation to. I'm going to have to not internet, but would love to have something to look at in the 5 minute concentration breaks I'm allowing myself.

So, does anyone fancy doing anono complements? Feel like saying something nice about your friends, or someone whose work you admire without feeling ashamed at being so nice? Or y'know just talk about your Friday afternoon summer musings....
It's a little early, but if anyone's up for some Friday anonymity, go to it. Try to keep it nice, but tell me a secret, your latest crush, what you had for breakfast, the song that made your heart skip, g'wan you know you want to.

I am ready to embrace this weekend, which might influence me starting this, early.
Anyone up for that? Filth, fury, fun, observations about your fellow wo/man....
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You can poll and put your name to it or anonyment if you want.
So yes, tis Friday once more, and I have approximately 200 questionnaire results to input, sporadic bursts of randomness to cheer me on through the afternoon are welcomed.

In other news, I have mostly been away/busy/out and thus reading posts on my phone which is very selective about whether or not I can comment or loses my carefully thought out tailor-made reply of awesomeness and so, you never hear from me, but I actually do care very much, I am just utterly rubbish at remembering to respond properly from a computer at a later date.

Tommorow I get to see if I can indeed pass through to the main rookie programme, but am having doubts after my back went into spasm on Tuesday losing me control of my feet. I feel like an unfit idiot at present because I haven't done any running and so on.

So go to, say nice things or not, recommend me good data-entry tunes - I find synth/singer duos are quite good for pretend rudimentary keyboard technique when using the numerical key-pad.

Whare are you up to?
Yes yes, I know lazy Friday posting, however I'm off away for fun times this weekend, and plowing through dull routine work today so would greatly appreciate your anonymenting for the 5 minute breaks I am permitting myself today. I've installed leechblock so firefox will crash if I spend more time than that per hour relieving the slog, yes it has come to that, or more I need an external force to prompt better habits.
Now my reasoning for the dates is a sort of compound of practicality and stupidity, I picked a Sunday because I live far and I reason people will travel to be fed on a Sunday, I moved into my place on 23 March 2007 so its the closest practical date given I shall be Black Plasticking it on the Friday and shouting myself hoarse at Rollerderby on the Saturday, also potential additional non-London guests will be in town that day so, go to.

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Sorry non-London folk, I forgot to make that an option, but obviously I do not expect travel from far and wide for lunch in mine abode.

Also I totally haven't cleared it with my flatmate but I reason its best not to clear imaginary parties* with him!

Obviously final guestlist is subject to change, and won't include some of the lurkers/spammers because I do not know em!

*By imaginary parties in this case I actually mean an imaginary low-key recovery session.
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*It will be the tri-versary of me moving in!

If any randoms answer this it is unlikely I would invite you into my home, but anyway.
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Also, I like this! Do you like hipsters, do you like misery? Then go on. Right I need to get back to organisation.

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I've been v v tired this week. Normally when I'm tired my eyelid gets a gentle twitch, this week my eyebrow's gone into a full-on spasm*, and its my louche-raisable eyebrow to boot, luckily my fringe is now so long that if I apply mascara I get a lot of my hair involved, so while I resemble cousin-it noone can see the spasming eyebrow of knackereditude.

Monday was meh, Tuesday was ah crap not enough time to get things done because everything I needed to get organised for my event didn't come through until that afternoon so I was here til 7.30 or so. Wednesday was a really good event run by [livejournal.com profile] ultraruby's organisation, I need to go through my pack and do some reading and make some plans, but it was a good day, and the food was excellent. Yesterday was panicking and getting up early and still running out of time to get everything sorted for my event, but I think it went well.

Now...now I am failing to get ready for my objective setting session!

So, anyone for anon-comments?

*Its like the woah full-body toe curling orgasm of tired twitches, rather than the oh, that was nice, right lets get up and get on with stuff version.
I am covered in splotches of paint and have a brush stuck in my hair while I pout and furrow my brow with concentration. I feel strangely lacking though, like someone should be attempting to have their artsy way with me, and strangely indignant that noone is. Seriously so wrong.

In other news, I complained to the regional head for the managers of my building, I had their surveyor round here in 90minutes to assess the rat issue, also the rat man was ace, although surprised by their ingenuity re the peanut butter. Glad I left it for him to see!

What random fantasies have you been having lately? anon comment if you really wanna.
My Friday night planning seems to have gone awry a little, I got talked into buying face-cream at lunch time, and well after last night I don't sparkle or shine so please feel free to entertain, incite thought, or just mouth off a little.
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