Jan. 15th, 2010

I've been v v tired this week. Normally when I'm tired my eyelid gets a gentle twitch, this week my eyebrow's gone into a full-on spasm*, and its my louche-raisable eyebrow to boot, luckily my fringe is now so long that if I apply mascara I get a lot of my hair involved, so while I resemble cousin-it noone can see the spasming eyebrow of knackereditude.

Monday was meh, Tuesday was ah crap not enough time to get things done because everything I needed to get organised for my event didn't come through until that afternoon so I was here til 7.30 or so. Wednesday was a really good event run by [livejournal.com profile] ultraruby's organisation, I need to go through my pack and do some reading and make some plans, but it was a good day, and the food was excellent. Yesterday was panicking and getting up early and still running out of time to get everything sorted for my event, but I think it went well.

Now...now I am failing to get ready for my objective setting session!

So, anyone for anon-comments?

*Its like the woah full-body toe curling orgasm of tired twitches, rather than the oh, that was nice, right lets get up and get on with stuff version.



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